Fighting with obesity it is a crucial aim.

The fight against obesity is at the same time fight against diseases of civilization such as atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, diabetes, etc.

There are a lot of different diets but there is no so-called universal diet . Diet, which desire to apply any diet is not only my diet invented and tested by a doctor for over 20 years. I got permission for its promotion of the originators.
I also tried myself successfully.

The patient/clients should be assess by a doctor individually after they arrived and then establish suitable for each.

 During they stay will be subject to weekly weight assessment and daily physical activity ( Nordic Walking ) under the physiotherapist supervision.
Patients will be able to take extra benefits as an extra charged as follows:

                                                                     - psychologist assessment         and   assist
                                                                      physiotherapy treatments
                                                                      food intolerance test performance
                                                                      further advice nutritionist
                                                                      massage therapist

The diet I will disclosures late.

Below I will present the project idea.


Aim : The Health and Rehabilitation Holiday Centre offer a wide range of treatment and rehabilitation programs and facilities, treatment rooms and a catering area. The Centre provides services covering curative stays ( diets), rehabilitation holidays for the disable and holidays stays. The key product offered by us is diet implemented under the medical supervision of Dr Wieslaw Zelazek PhD. The treatment based on special diet that triggered self-healing processes in the human body is one of the most effective and natural methods of treating civilization diseases related to, among others, metabolic disorders ( overweight, hypertension, diabetes mellitus type II,) defective immune responses and a variety of degenerative conditions.

Place : HOTEL with facility as follows;

-              Pool

-              Gym

-              Near Nordic Walks tract

-              Kitchen with staff ready to preparing breakfast, lunch and sapper on the special

Prescription basis.

-              Room where will be possible perform colon irrigation

Time of staying : min. 2 weeks to 4 weeks or more

Accommodation : double room - with possibility to accommodate only 1 person with extra payment. Single room Apartment on special request

Apart from of that we will offer

-              Physiotherapy

-              Massages ( many types )

Clients : mostly local clients, International clients from EU countries, USA, China, Emirates, etc